Sisters of Iota Tau are immersed in a community of beautiful, young women who are dedicated to providing services for music in and around the campus of UNC. We also have social events throughout the year to foster fellowship with each other. Sisters are required to attend weekly meetings to discuss chapter business.

Interested in becoming a sister?

To start off, potential sisters enter the Members-in-Training period that begins with Membership Recruitment Week. 

Each spring, the Iota Tau Chapter holds recruitment events at the beginning of the semester.  These events vary from year to year and have included game night, craft night, basketball viewings and much more. Each Membership Recruitment Week ends with a formal dinner, which is required if you wish to join.

After a week of fun introductions, potential sisters make a pledge to become a Member-in-Training.

A Member-in-Training (MIT) is a sister who has pledged herself to become a member of SAI, but has not yet been initiated into the fraternity. During her training period, she learns about the fraternity history and the goals and purposes of Sigma Alpha Iota. To become a member, she must demonstrate a sincere interest in music, have completed at least one music course, have a GPA of 2.5 or above, meet the MIT and financial obligations, and pass the national membership exam.
There are other fun components of the MIT period. Along with weekly meetings, MITs are required to organize a service project, a fundraiser, and a recital to showcase their musical skills. To help MITs through this process, they are assigned a Big Sister who pledges to help their Little Sister through this process without any obstacles.

Throughout the Member-In-Training Process

  • Sigma Alpha Iota does not allow hazing of any kind.  Hazing is anything that makes you physically or mentally uncomfortable or embarrassed.  If you are concerned, you can speak to our Vice President Membership or any other member or advisor.  Click here for a more detailed look at our no hazing policy.
  • You may leave the process at any time.
  • There will be no use or abuse of alcohol at any Sigma Alpha Iota event.  This pertains not only for the semester during which you train, but also to all fraternity events in the duration of your time at university.

For more information on what membership in SAI means please check out the national website or contact Jade Sweeny, our Vice President of Membership. Membership Recruitment Week 2016 was a blast so check out some of our pictures from that event.