Fraternity Education Fun Facts

  1. SAI was first known as an honorary musical sorority.
  2. SAI became international in 1927.
  3. College chapters were named in Greek alphabetical order.  However, following Omega Chapter, instead of naming the next chapter Alpha Alpha, Sigma was added in front of Alpha.  Thus, Sigma Alpha, then Sigma Beta, etc.  Following Sigma Omega, Alpha was added.  Following Alpha Omega, the word Iota was added in honor of Sigma Alpha Iota.
  4. The initiation fee in 1903 was $5.
  5. Annual national dues in 1903 were $1.
  6. Five of our Founders were voice majors and two were pianists.
  7. During WWII, when National Conventions were impossible, SAI held “Province Parleys” where members all over the country wrapped bandages and collected United States Saving Stamps.
  8. Elsa Gardner Stanley was referred to by Nora Crane Hunt as the “the invisible Pipe in the Pipes of Pan.” Elsa felt it best not to be a founder of SAI because her father was Director of the University of Michigan School of Music.  She did help Elizabeth Campbell write the Ritual.
  9. SAI published a National Year Book in 1909 that was considered a secret document.
  10. Only two of our Founders (Elizabeth Campbell and Mini Davis Sherrill) served as an SAI National President.
  11. Iota Tau has initiated 541 members.